Welcome and please be aware that this site (www.phsca.org) will be retiring on 7/31/14

Citrix Client

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Welcome to the Providence Health System (PH&S) Remote Access web site. Providence CA will be retiring this site and is moving to a new enterprise standard. We are doing this to provide a more consistent and stable environment to our care givers. We are directing all users to https://apps.providence.org. This site will be the standard portal for all Providence remote access going forward. The current Providence CA site https://www.phsca.org will continue to run in parallel, but will be retiring on 7/31/14. If you have any problems connecting to the new site please contact the Providence help desk at: (818) (847-3073).

Remote access to the Providence Health System (PH&S) network is a service available to approved PH&S employees, physicians, and other business partners. If you were not specifically referred to this site by the Information Systems department at PH&S, please do not continue with this process, as you will not be able to access the system without the creation of a remote access account.

If you have problems installing or using the remote access system, please contact the PH&S Response Center. As indicated in the "Agreement for Remote Access to the PH&S Network", PH&S is NOT responsible for support of your PC. If you should develop problems with your PC, contact your computer support person. If you have problems with your internet connection, contact your ISP. Once the problem is resolved, you may re-attempt connection to the PH&S network. If necessary, you can re-install the client software at any time. Your account name and password will remain unchanged.